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2009 Ford Focus RS

Ford Teases 2016 Focus RS (Video)

After numerous rumours suggesting the Focus RS will be coming in 2016, Ford has confirmed via a teaser video that the 2016 Focus RS will be officially revealed on February 3. The car is still wrapped in camouflage,... Read More
Ford Focus ST

Six New Ford Models Due In 2015

Ford is said to launch at least six new models in 2015, entering what is rumoured to be its busiest year in the last two decades. The cars in question will supposedly range from ordinary models to flagship vehicles... Read More
2009 Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS Coming In 2016

Rumours are that Ford is planning on bringing a new Focus RS by 2016, to build on the the former generation RS lineup which was headlined by the RS500. Ford of Europe COO Barb Samardzich revealed a few details about... Read More