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Ford Ranger Raptor 2019 1600 1e

Ranger V8 Cancelled

Mustang powered Raptor undone by economy.   The ultimate Ranger might never happen. Reports from Down Under suggest that Ford fans, keenly anticipating the Ranger Raptor V8, are unlikely to ever see it... Read More
Gol GTI Garage

Your Ultimate 10-Car Garage

You voted for these cars to fill your ultimate 10-car garage. It sure is an eclectic line-up! It’s something that virtually all petrolheads have dreamt of doing... If you won a sizeable sum in a lottery or... Read More
Ford Focus RS 2016 1024 06

Ford Abandons Focus RS

Ford super hatch drives off into the sunset. After posting massive losses in Q1, Ford has confirmed more bad news to British industry insiders Autocar: there will be no evolution of its celebrated RS-badge. For... Read More