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BMW X6 M50d (2020) Review

Like its predecessors, the love-it-or-hate-it 3rd-generation X6 is a controversial model in BMW's line-up, but, as Gero Lilleike recently discovered, there is much to like about the quad-turbodiesel... Read More

BMW Ends Quad-Turbo Production

The world’s only quad-turbo diesel engine will cease to exist after September 2020. BMW’s quad-turbodiesel engine production will come to an end later this year. It seems the engine has become too... Read More
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BMW X6 (2020) Specs & Pricing

Pricing for the all-new BMW X6 has been loaded into BMW South Africa's website and we can share how much the sporty SUV will cost. From launch, there will be three models, with the flagship BMW X6 M Competition... Read More