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Best Premium Sedans in SA 2015

The premium sedan is the perfect vehicle for the business person. It’s an aspirational vehicle but not so dreamy that it can never be attained. It signifies a sense of status and prestige that the owner has reached.... Read More
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Audi S3 Sedan (2014) Review

Having jumped straight out of the very powerful, very fast Audi RS Q3 and directly into this less powerful Audi S3 Sedan, I may have thought at one stage I was downscaling or going to be left wanting more. Not at... Read More
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Audi S3 Review

The Audi S3 has confused me to no end. I didn't want to like what I view to be a rather angry-looking little German hatch which is essentially a Volkswagen Golf. But after a week in an electric blue, three-door example,... Read More