Audi Q8 News and Reviews

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Living with the Audi Q8 correspondent Ian McLaren was the custodian of Audi’s flagship Premium SUV, for a full month, during the festive season. He reports back on his experiences.  While we usually form... Read More
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Veyron power for Audi RS Q8

Big power boost for Audi's fastest SUV. With its RS Q8, Audi has asked uncomfortable questions of the Lamborghini Urus, in terms of which is the most significant performance SUV for the money.  If... Read More

RS Q8 is Audi's Urus

This new Audi is the brand's fastest ever gravel travel vehicle.  The automotive world might be rapidly electrifying, but the big money remains to be made in SUVs and sportscars. Audi has combined these... Read More