BMW X6 Vantablack Is One-of-a-Kind

Vantablack is the world's blackest paint. It's so black that light is sucked into the paint and the result is a finish that is mind-blowingly weird.

The BMW X6 with a Vantablack finish is set to be revealed at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. If you're not aware, Vantablack is a unique paint that can absorb 99% of light and remove all reflections. It tricks the brain into thinking its staring into a void. It also has the abilities to hide shape and definition. 

The BMW X6 Vantablack show car is the result of a collaboration between BMW, Surrey Nano Systems and Levitation 29. Ben Jensen, Vantablack inventor and founder of Surrey Nano Systems, said “VBx2 with its one-per-cent reflectance provides just enough of a hint of shape”. The spectacular one-off vehicle highlights the expressive and precise design language and confident, dominant and muscular appearance of the new BMW X6 to perfection. Asked whether he was pleased with the final car, Ben Jensen commented; “I think it went beyond all our expectations because of the size of the car, its distinctive shape and how imposing it is”.

We've seen some incredible paint finishes and wraps over the years, but this is on another level. It's hurting our brains just looking at it.

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