BMW Wows with i Vision Future Interaction Concept

BMW I Vision Future Interaction Concept 2016 1024x768 Wallpaper 01

BMW drops the top of its i8 supercar and unleashes a wealth of automation and technology. Meet the i Vision Future Interaction concept.

This smart-looking roadster is based upon BMW's i8 and while this is an out and out driving machine, what you see here is a demonstration of future technology. BMW claims the i Vision Future Interaction concept showcases a high-tech cabin as well as autonomous driving. The cabin is a very futuristic place to hang out and its dominated by the 21-inch panorama display. While the vehicle is in full autonomous mode, the display switches from car systems to a massive entertainment complex which gives the driver and passenger video-watching capability as well as offering office features such as internet browsing and emails.

Another feature is the AirTouch gesture control which allows the user to control vehicle settings without actually pushing any buttons. The car is able to recognise hand signals and interpret them as instructions. Perhaps the best part of the BMW i Vision Future Interaction concept car is its driving modes. You're faced with three choices. Pure Drive is your hands-on and traditional driving experience, while Assist Mode will step in if accidents are likely and finally you can sit back and enjoy Auto Mode where the car will give you a full autonomous driving experience. If you opt for full auto mode, the steering wheel retracts and gives the driver more space to relax. 

For a demonstration of the vehicle's abilities and a glimpse into a not too distant future of the automobile, watch the video below: