BMW M6 Competition Pack (2015) Review

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The hot BMW M6 just got hotter. Meet the BMW M6 Competition Pack.

It’s hard to understand why there would be many people that buy a BMW M6 complete with 412 kW and 680 Nm of torque and think, “I wish it had more power.” Well, if you’re that person then walk this way please. This is the BMW M6 Competition Pack and it’s mental. It’s also terrifying and more addictive than the comments section of a bad Youtube video.

Turned up to 11

Power in the M6 Competion Pack is cranked up to 441 kW and BMW has also added 20 Nm more torque, meaning that the 4.4-litre V8 turbo engine delivers a nice round 700 Nm. Included as part of the Competition Pack deal is an upgraded suspension and some specialised electronics for the differential and stability control systems.

Oh, there’s also an even louder than normal Akrapovic exhaust system. The resulting increase in performance is notable, as the M6 Competition pack shaves 0.3 seconds off its 0-100kph time. Subsequently it penetrates the four second barrier with a 3.9 second claimed time. The top speed limiter gets lopped off as well allowing it to hit a mesmerising terminal speed of 305kph.

All this excess comes at no fuel efficiency loss with the M6 Competition Pack claiming just 9.9L/100km. Range, thanks to an 80-Litre tank is over 800km although we didn’t manage much more than 450km, if we’re entirely honest. Much of the test team’s salary was spent at fuel stations around the Western Cape during our tenure with this car.

Where to drive it?

The M6 Competition Pack is built for places that have no speed limits. Places like Germany’s Autobahn or the Isle of Man – that’s about it though. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in it around town or out in the hills. In-gear acceleration is where you can explore much of the performance on offer. Use more than gentle downward flex of your ankle and the M6 senses your need for speed.

It will shuffle through a few gears momentarily before assaulting multiple senses simultaneously. The sound of the Akrapovic exhaust system barks aggressively like a defensive German Shepard. You’re thrown into the enveloping seats like ‘The Rock’ has just dropped a huge elbow onto your chest while your eyes struggle to cope with where to focus as the scenery begins to blur beside you.

Just don’t look anywhere near the speedo on the heads-up display because it will frighten you how fast you’re actually going. It may have been easier for BMW just to make the digital speedo readout on the heads-up display read out in batches of 20kph because that’s just about all you’ll ever see.

Singular focus, multiple personalities

BMW fits many of its cars with adaptable suspension that can be electronically adjusted by a simple switch in the cabin. In the M6 Competition Pack it’s no different, you can potter around in ECO mode or Comfort and it’s reasonable. It may even fool you into thinking it can be used every day on everything except a particularly bad stretch of road.

That’s not what it’s for or how it expects to be used. That would be like throwing a ball for your hyper Collie and then expecting it to walk calmly to the ball, pick it up and walk back to you. What it really wants is to run absolutely flat out everywhere and then pass out in a ditch from exhaustion. That’s exactly how life in an M6 Competition Pack is lived.

Only Sport and Sport+ modes matter and the amount of slip that M-differential will allow before catching you. It’s probably a wise move to leave the electronic leash on as well as this machine has a tendency to bite if you run out of talent. Mostly this has to do with the big lump of metal that’s being hurled about at raucous speeds. It’s still a 6-Series after all and its primary focus is being a big GT cruiser rather than a sports car.


The M6 Competition Pack is not a simple add-on kit thrown at an M6, the price alone reflects that. It’s R147 600 more than a ‘normal’ M6. Is the tweaked suspension, power upgrade and bragging rights worth that much? Well, if you’re thinking of spending more than R1.6 million on a car then it probably is worth it.

The M6 Competition Pack also gains you that little bit of extra exclusivity whilst turning it into more of a driver’s car that can still cope with the day to day hustle – albeit in a more hardcore manner than the M6. You have to be a serious BMW fan though to go down this route if you look at what’s available at this price range. Think Jaguar F-Type R Coupe and Mercedes-AMG GT…

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BMW M6 Competition Pack Price in South Africa

The BMW M6 Competition Pack costs R1 838 091 in South Africa and comes back with a two-years/unlimited km warranty and a five-years/100 000 km Maintenance Plan.

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Team Opinion

"The BMW M6 Competition Pack is one of the smoothest and most brutal cars around. Few cars are this quick and it doesn't feel compromised like an out-and-out supercar. It's a pity that it's not as aurally dramatic as the X5M." - David Taylor

We Like: Incredible performance, can still cruise like a GT car

We don’t Like: Can feel heavy in the corners, pricey

Also consider: Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, Mercedes-AMG GT

BMW M6 Competition Pack - Quick Specs

M6 spec sheet