BMW M2 CS vs Mercedes-AMG A45 S - Standing and rolling start quarter mile

We put the wild Mercedes-AMG A45 S against the hardcore BMW M2 CS on the runway for some head-to-head drag races. 

Sure, right off the bat, this might be a strange match up. But if you happened to have an A45 S and a BMW M2 CS in your garage at the same time, wouldn't you want to race them? Well, that's exactly what we've done.

We've filmed and published many drag races over the years here at and we've been shouted at a lot by you, our valued audience, in the comments. For some reason, drag racing really seems to get our favourite petrolheads riled up and so for this video we wanted to comprehensively test these cars against each other.

And so, given that the M2 and the A45 represent a RWD vs AWD issue, we ran the standing start race three times and then switched to a rolling start.

We do hope this offers a fair and equal match-up for these two cars.

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