BMW i8 Production Ends

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The BMW i8 has reached the end of the road as production comes to an end at the Munich-based firm’s Leipzig production facility. 

We’ve known for some time that BMW would pull the plug on the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car and the news didn’t sit very well with us. 

We reviewed the BMW i8 coupe back in 2017 and the combination of its timeless styling, performance and unmistakable road presence make it a car that we will sorely miss.

The last 18 i8 units rolled off the production line this month and BMW took the opportunity to give the groundbreaking model a fitting send-off by producing 18 one-off customer cars featuring 18 unique body colours never seen on the i8 before, including Austin Yellow, British Racing Green and Le Mans Blue.    

“The degree of customisation in these vehicles threw up some major logistical and process challenges,” said Plant Director Hans-Peter Kemser. “But our i production unit has proved yet again that nothing is impossible.”

Due to the requirement for a high number of different painted parts, each body part was “virtually painted by hand” by a range of suppliers and at BMW’s Landshut plant with the key challenge being to get all the components to the production line in full premium quality. 

Kemser further commented, “Yet again, we have proved our ability to meet the highly discerning standards and personal specifications of our customers with unique solutions and unparalleled skill. For BMW i8 production to end with a finale like this is something we can all be very proud of.”

What is your favourite colour on the i8? 

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