BMW 330e & Mercedes-Benz C350e (2017) Electric Range Challenge [Video]

Although petrol-electric hybrids are no longer rare in the South African market, plug-in versions (PHEVs) are relative newcomers. What’s more, the BMW 330e and Mercedes-Benz C350e represent their marques’ most compact and affordable PHEV sedan offerings. It is an interesting match-up...

Both models feature 2.0-litre turbopetrol engines mated with their manufacturers’ electric motors, batteries and energy recovery systems. Given their similar configurations and target markets, the BMW and Mercedes-Benz are direct rivals, but which one is better at running on electric power only?

Because these products are purported to offer commuters the ability to complete significant parts of their daily routes in emission-free electric-vehicle mode, we were keen to see just how far the 330e and C350e could travel, on no more than battery power, from a full charge. Let’s find out!  

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