BMW 3-Series vs 4-Series: Which Should You Buy (Video)

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BMW make a fantastic coupe called the 4-Series. We drove the range-topping 435i and we were hugely impressed. But there was always the rumour that BMW would give the 4-Series the same treatment as the 6-Series, and launch a four-door version, dubbed the Gran Coupe.

And there was always the possibility that this would end up being a terrible idea. But it wasn’t, and the 4-Series Gran Coupe is very good in almost every way.

BMW 3-Series vs 4-Series Gran Coupe

However, BMW already has a very successful sedan – the 3-Series. It has been the sector-defining car for as long as anyone can remember, and the latest generation is a solid example of what BMW can offer.

And so you, the buyer, are now faced with a difficult decision: should you plump up and spend the extra cash on a four-door 4-Series, or is the 3-Series more than enough?

We’ve tried to answer that question in our latest video, lining up the 328i against the 428i Gran Coupe. And for a quick overview of the stats, here are three comparison tables of the entry level versions of both cars, mid-spec derivatives and the top of the range versions.

Entry level 3 Series vs 4 Series Gran Coupe
Model 320i (M) 420i (M)
Price R435 462 R508 475
Engine 2.0l i-4 turbo 2.0l i-4 turbo
Power 135kW 135kW
Torque 270Nm 270Nm
Fuel Efficiency 6.1l/100km 6.3l/100km
Featured in our video: 328i vs 428i Gran Coupe
Model 328i Modern Sports Auto 428i Modern Sports Auto
Price R541 670 R620 670
Engine 2.0l i-4 turbo 2.0l i-4 turbo
Power 180kW 180kW
Torque 350Nm 350Nm
Fuel Efficiency 6.3l/100km 6.3l/100km
Range topping 335i vs 435i Gran Coupe
Model 335i M Sport 435i M Sport
Price R677 927 R771 840
Engine 3.0l i-6 turbo 3.0l i-6 turbo
Power 225kW 225kW
Torque 400Nm 400Nm
Fuel Efficiency 7.2l/100km 7.5l/100km

 BMW 3-Series vs 4-Series Video