Behind the Scenes - How we made the BMW Anywhere spinning advert

Just before lockdown, BMW approached us and asked if we could come up with a way to demonstrate that you can now buy a BMW online, from anywhere, while doing anything.

You can now buy a BMW, online, from anywhere, while doing anything, and the car will be delivered to your door. Simply head to: 

It was a huge logistical challenge securing the unfinished bridge in the centre of Cape Town for the shoot, but everything came together and there was nothing left for Ciro to do but sit in a spinning BMW and look thoroughly unbothered. Sean February was our chosen wheelman and he immediately proved that he was an incredibly skilled driver. The space he had to work in was very, very tight. For a shoot like this, you really want to capture the action from as many angles as possible.

This resulted in one of the largest crews we’ve ever worked with. The director, Justin Pinto, worked closely with the crew to get all the shots he envisioned for the edit. Stunt coordinator and producer Ernest Page made sure our DOP was safe while we got all these crazy shots. Ernest also made sure we had a lot of tyres on standby. Our producer Juan Crous made sure everyone was safe on the day. A huge thank you to everyone involved in the production, this was a very memorable shoot and we're very proud to have the video on our channel.

Final Product: BMW Anywhere Video