VW shelves the Golf R400

Ever since the concept Golf R400 was revealed, Volkswagen fans have clamoured for an all-wheel drive super hatch from Wolfsburg that would duke it out with its cousin: Audi’s RS3, as well as the... Read More

Opel Astra (2016) First Drive

Buoyed by the European Car of the Year title, the new, feature-packed Astra has its sights set on restoring Opel as a force in the compact hatchback market. Moreover, General Motors SA hopes it will attract a fair... Read More

Volvo S60 Polestar (2015) Review

Volvo's announcement of a new-engined S60 Polestar, just a few months since the original was launched in South Africa, puts a question mark over the significance/desirability of the former. But even if the S60 is... Read More