Audi's bigger A3 L Spotted

2020 Audi A3l Long Wheelbase China 1

The bigger version of Audi's small four-door spotted on the production line.

The sub-limousine luxury sedan category might be shrinking worldwide, but that has not stopped Audi from investing money in a new A3 four-door.

Although crossover and SUV mania drives the bulk of global customer demand for premium vehicle brands, the world’s two most important markets (America and China) remain very committed to sedans.

The Chinese especially see any extended wheelbase sedan as desirable. Being driven is a sign of supreme status in China, so even smaller vehicles have more comfortable backseats, courtesy of special Chinese long-wheelbase variants.

Audi is catering fo this with its new A3 L. The car was recently spotted whilst inside a production facility and although Audi has not released exact technical details, it is quite plainly a fourth-generation A3 with more space between the axles.

With its longer wheelbase, the A3 L offers three benefits. The most obvious, is increased cabin space, especially for the rear seat passengers. A longer wheelbase also slightly improves ride quality and high-speed directional stability should gain a greater feeling of confidence, too.

Debits? A longer wheelbase will dictate this new A3 sedan derivative to have a larger turning circle, so parking will be a touch more challenging.

How do you recognise an ‘L’ version compared to the regular fourth-generation A3 sedan? Well, those rear doors are slightly larger and have appropriately sized glass to make up the difference in window specification.

Very much a China-specific product, it is unlikely the A3 L will be offered on sale in a market like South Africa.

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