Audi A8 Long-Wheelbase set for release

Audi A8 Long Wheelbase

The flagship Audi A8 Long-Wheelbase will soon be available to customers. The Audi A8 L will hit dealerships towards the end of 2010 with the cheapest in the range going for 79,900 Euros and the ultra-luxurious W12 going for 137,000 Euros. We will await further details on pricing and availability in South Africa.

Audi A8 Long-Wheelbase big on luxury and space

The Audi A8 Long-wheelbase has its wheelbase and length increased by 13 centimeters, bringing the total length to 5.27 meters, which is rather huge. Audi claims that the this increase in length is to benefit the passengers in the back seats.

The whole aim of the Audi A8 Long-Wheelbase is obviously comfort, improved space and luxury. As an extra, two of the rear seats can be fitted with ventilation and massage functions, as well as a folding tray and cooler box. It doesn't stop there though as additional features include: a powered footrest, relaxation seat and an entertainment system.

Regarding the entertainment system, the Audi A8 L (Long-Wheelbase) is the first car to be fitted with integrated WLAN hotspot, allowing the passengers in the car to access the internet while driving.

Engine Options

Regarding the engine, the Audi A8 Long-Wheelbase will be available in five different models with three TDI and two FSI gasoline engines on offer. These all have improved performance as well as improved fuel efficiency. With the most impressive engine in the lineup being the 6.3 liter W12 which generates 368kW (500hp).

The transmission is controlled by an 8 speed tiptronic which can change gears electronically using the selector lever or the paddles on the steering wheel. This further reduces the A8's fuel consumption levels.