Audi Sportscar Experience: We Drive It

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Audi South Africa has launched an all-new advanced driving course package, and we were invited to see what was on offer.

Advanced driving courses are one of those things that I believe every person in possession of a driving licence should do at least once. Not only do you see how outdated and ineffective the K53 system is, but you get a proper understanding of car control and car safety systems. There's also the added bonus of taking the certificate to your insurance company for a reduced premium.

There's a few advanced driving courses offered by manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. There's also a Golf GTI course offered by Volkswagen.

The Audi Sportscar Experience is essentially a pop-up driving course. The outfit travels around the country to various racetracks and the course takes a full day. You will get to drive the Audi RS4 Avant, Audi RS 5 coupe and cabriolet and the Audi RS Q3. As an added bonus, there's hot laps in the sensational Audi RS 7 Sportback and R8 supercar.

What do you get when you attend the Audi Sportscar Experience, you ask? A lot! Firstly you get quality time behind the wheel of Audi's latest performance machines. The instructor has his own vehicle, meaning you're paired up with another attendee and communicate via radio. Secondly, you learn a lot about vehicle control and safety. There's ABS tests, emergency lane changes and you learn how to take a corner correctly.

Finally, there's plenty of time to do hot laps and go as fast as you're comfortable with. There's nothing better than driving fast knowing there's no speed traps, potholes or traffic coming the other way. If you're a performance fan, you're going to love this course. Audi also puts on a great spread at lunch! This is my third advanced driving course and I'm happy to say it was the most enjoyable. I think you'll struggle to beat that price too.

Audi Sportscar Experience locations

Gauteng: Red Star Raceway (13th August -4th September) KwaZulu - Natal: Dezzi Raceway (11th September - 17th September) Western Cape: Franschhoek Motor Museum track (1st October - 4th October)

Audi Sportscar Experience Price

The Audi Sportscar Experience costs R3 500. All you need is to be over the age of 25, in possession of a valid driving licence, and wear flat shoes on the day. Visit the Audi Sportscar Experience microsite here.