Audi SA Keeps Older Cars Going

Audi A3 0018 1800x1800

Audi South Africa has announced a service plan aimed at vehicles which are 6-13 years old. Typically servicing vehicles out of warranty can be a costly affair, but AudiSmart hopes to remove some of that burden.

Audi SA has unveiled its AudiSmart Service plan which aims to look after Audi cars that are 6 to 13 years old (or within a maximum mileage threshold of 270 000 km). AudiSmart includes 2 years worth of cover/30 000 and 2 minor oil change services at a reduced cost. That means you could get 2 minor oil changes done inside that period. The service includes oil drain plug, vehicle oil, oil filter, seal ring and seal bolt and labour associated with the oil change.

The plan can also be topped up at any Audi Dealership. Plus, Audi has thrown in comprehensive roadside assistance.

“The AudiSmart Service offering allows older Audi models to continue being serviced or return their servicing history at a franchised Audi Dealership which prides itself in offering the best and most comprehensive care for an Audi, said Hassan Salie, Head of Aftersales and Dealer Development at Audi South Africa. “There are many, older Audi vehicles in the market which are not covered by the Audi Freeway Plan or Freeway Plan Extension. The AudiSmart Service plan thereby gives those drivers an affordable Audi servicing option based on experienced labour and brand assurance,” he added.

In terms of price, the AudiSmart Service plans retail from R4 800 and are available at any Audi Dealership around South Africa.

For S and RS models, the pricing starts from R6 000.

For the A8 and S8 models, pricing starts from R7 850.

The R8 smart service option is priced at R9 350.

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