Aston Martin and Red Bull Make a Hypercar

Aston Martin AM RB 001 2018 1280 01

British supercar maker Aston Martin has teamed up with Formula One team Red Bull to create a hypercar called the AM-RB 001.

Aston Martin claims that this vehicle has been engineered to be a road-going car, but will have the performance cachet to decimate its rivals on a race track. Aston Martin is also claiming that this vehicle's performance will be similar to 2016 Le Mans racecars, which if the Gaydon-based manufacturer is to be believed, is sensational. While details are scarce for now as its technically a concept, we know that it will be powered by a big naturally-aspirated V12 in a mid-mounted position. The vehicle will also be very light thanks to a carbon-fibre construction and will feature state of the art aerodynamics which will give it levels of downforce normally associated with full-on race cars. 

The AM-RB 001 is the result of Red Bull Racing's Adrian Newey, Marek Reichman from Aston Martin and Aston's David King who joined forces and shared knowledge. The vehicle will be assembled at Aston Martin's Gaydon plant in the United Kingdom. As it stands, between 99 and 150 cars will be built for the road, while 25 will be assembled for racing duties. The first vehicles will reach customers in 2018 and will carry a projected price tag of around £2.5-million, which comes to just under R50-million.

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