April 2015 Highlights in Numbers - Infographic

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April 2015 was yet another exciting month in terms of new car launches in South Africa. The month kicked off with the introduction of the spacious Volkswagen Golf Sportvan (SV) to the South African market. Volkswagen then launched the third-generation Polo GTI fitted with a 1.8-litre turbo with 141 kW and 250 Nm on offer. Chevrolet joined the launch party with the revised Cruze sedan and hatchback which brings higher levels of refinement to take the fight to the Toyota Corolla. Audi launched the A6 and A7 Sportback and its accompanying S-derivatives which should put smiles on the faces of Audi fans. Citroen also took the opportunity to bring the rather interesting looking, yet versatile, C4 Cactus to the market.

On the sales front, Toyota came out on top as South Africa's top selling car brand while the Ford Ranger topped the sales charts to take top spot as South Africa's most popular vehicle. In our readers choice - yes, that's you - it came to light that the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was considered to be the best premium sedan offering in South Africa while the MINI Cooper was rated as the best city car on offer in Mzansi. Take a look at our Highlights in Numbers Infographic below for the full recap!

Highlights in Numbers - April 2015

april infographic