All-New Toyota Fortuner Due in 2022?


A Toyota engineer has said the all-new Toyota Fortuner will be revealed in 2022. Here's what we know so far. 

In an interview with AutoCar India with Yoshiki Konishi, chief engineer at Toyota Motor Corporation, it has been revealed the all-new Fortuner will be revealed in 2022. 

The interview was extensive, with loads of nuggets of information on the changes. The good news is the body-on-frame assembly willl be retained, in order to keep its offroading credentials intact. Interestingly, in terms of powertrain, hybrid technology is being discussed. “We need to introduce high efficiency powertrains on our Fortuner, which depends on the region,” explained Konishi.  “At this time, a (pure) diesel powertrain is not the best. It’s difficult to meet regulations. So, we need to change from diesel to a diesel-plus-hybrid system, or also another powertrain,” said the product head.

There will be a complete revision of its electronic and electrical (ENE) architecture, and the hydraulic power steering setup will be replaced by electric power steering, which Konishi said 'will make the vehicle easier to drive.'  There will also be extensive changes to the safety systems, like stability control and assistance systems. “We will introduce electronically-controlled VSC (vehicle stability control) technology into the next Fortuner,” he said, before adding, “We are on the way to introduce connectivity features step by step.The next generation of the Fortuner will have some additional items. It will have (greater) digitisation and ADAS.”

These developments are substantial, but we suspect the timing isn't. The South African market received the updated Toyota Fortuner towards the end of 2020 and based on product lifecycles, the earliest our market could possibly receive a new model is late 2023. The report is sourced from India, a market which just received its updated Fortuner in January 2021. 

We'll keep tabs on the development of the all-new Toyota Fortuner.

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