All-New Audi Q8 Review - Big, Bold, Worth it?

The new Audi Q8 has arrived in South Africa and we spent some time with the flagship SUV to find out if you should take a closer look...

This is the first ever Audi Q8, and it's quite a thing. Based on the same platform as its siblings - the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga - if you think about it one way, this is the most affordable way to get yourself one of the VW group's best SUV chassis/engine combinations.

And it's not like you'd be shortchanging yourself in the looks department, this Audi drew stares and comments wherever we went. It's a traffic-stopper of note. It's a bold new design for Audi and we think it works.

But, at R1.4 million before options, does the car, as a package, justify the price? We sent Ciro De Siena to a pretty road in the Cape Winelands to find out.

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