Alfa Romeo Giulietta available with Twin Clutch Transmission

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The impressive Alfa Romeo Giulietta is now available with the TCT (twin clutch transmission), a transmission that was first available in the MiTo. The MiTo and the Giulietta are the first vehicles in the market to combine the TCT system, Fiat’s MultiAir engines and Start&Stop as standard.

Improved drive and economy for Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The TCT system works in full automatic or in sequential mode. The driver has the option to manually change the gears up or down using the cars paddle shifts on the steering column or the gearshift. The 2 gearboxes work in parallel, with the one gearbox handling even gears and the other handling odd gears, each gearbox has its own clutch. This allows the selection and engagement of a gear while the previous gear remains engaged. This results in extremely fast gear changes and guarantees continuous torque delivery and traction.

Not only does this improve the drive of the vehicle and its performance but it also improves the fuel economy. Fuel economy is improved by up to 10% compared to the traditional gearbox. Also of note is how the engine control system will automatically identify the road conditions, gradients and bends to optimize the traction by selecting the appropriate gear, managing the engine torque delivery and modulating the brakes.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Price

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Turbo Multiair Distinctive TCT - R315 000 (incl VAT and CO2 Tax)