AC Schnitzer Enhances Mini JCW GP

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BMW Group tuner AC Schnitzer has released its kit for the Mini JCW GP. 

The announcement of a new JCW GP product from Mini was met with much excitement. This is the most-focused iteration of Mini and arguably the one that truly epitomises the go-kart performance. However, when it came to the crux, our international driving report suggested it didn't quite deliver the thrills in abundance. While it certainly looked the part, it's performance abilities weren't as radical as hoped. 

German tuner AC Schnitzer hopes to address some issues and unlock its true potential. Sourced from Drexler Motorsport is a new limited-slip front differential to replace the standard LSD in the vehicle. This new diff is said to improve traction through corners, while limiting torque steer. There's a new coilover suspension kit sourced from kW to help soften the ride. One of the criticisms of the Mini GP is its harsh ride and these 3-way adjustable springs are said to fix the ride comfort without compromising on the handling. 

Being an AC Schnitzer product, you can expect the stereotypical big alloy wheels too. The German tuner hasn't touched the styling which is understandable, the MINI JCW GP is already one wild-looking hatchback.

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