The Gauteng e-Tolls


As it stands; the e-Tolling system will be launched on the 30th of April and will be affecting around 185km of Gautengs most congested highways.

How much will the e-Tolls cost?

The pricing structure for the Gauteng e-Tolls has already changed since its inception and could very well change again before, and if, they are finally launched. As it stands though, there will be a monthly cap per vehicle of R550 and the current pricing is:

Light motor car - 30c per km (with e-tag) | 58c per km (no e-tag)
Motorbike – 20c per km (with e-tag) | 38c per km (no e-tag)
Small heavy vehicle – 75c per km (with e-tag) | R1.45 per km (no e-tag)
Large heavy vehicle – R1.51 per km (with e-tag) | R2.90 per km (no e-tag)

* Taxis and buses will be exempt from the toll charges

How will I be charged?

Motorists on any of the Gauteng e-toll highways will automatically be charged as they drive under a toll gantry. This is known as Open Road Tolling (ORT) and will ensure that the roads are free-flowing, as there is no need to stop and pay via conventional methods to a toll attendant. These toll gantries will be equipped with sensors that will read the vehicles e-tag information as it passes below and debit the required amount. This will be indicated by your e-tag beeping.

1. Prepaid:

Credit can be loaded onto your e-tag in much the same way you would load credit onto a pre-paid cell phone. This can be done at various retails outlets, online, at e-Toll kiosks, ATM’s and e-Toll customer service centres.

2. Credit Card:

The second option is to link your e-Toll account to your credit card. Motorists will then have their credit card automatically debited as they pass under the tolls.

What will I need?

Motorists will need to acquire an “e-tag” which is a small disc powered by a battery that is linked to a particular vehicle and should be in that vehicle when using the e-Toll roads. Motorists will also need to register for an e-Toll account. The e-Toll account can have many different vehicles associated with it; however each e-tag is specific to a particular vehicle.

How can I get an e-tag?

Sanral have provided an interactive map that lists all the available locations to purchase an e-tag.

Sanral Interactive Map

E-tags can currently be bought from e-Toll customer service outlets, gantries and various other stockists. Alternatively you can have an e-tag delivered to you for an additional cost. The cost of the e-tag is currently R49,95 but once you have bought an e-tag and registered an e-Toll account, the amount will be credited to your e-Toll account.

How can I register for an e-Toll account?

Motorists can register for an e-Toll account via the following methods:

• Registering online via the Sanral website • Contacting the e-Toll call centre on 0800 726 725 • At an e-Toll customer service outlet (which will also be available in many malls around Gauteng) • By faxing a completed registration form to 0800 726 725 • Emailing a completed registration form to

The form that will need to be completed and faxed or emailed can be downloaded at the following link: e-Toll registration form

What information do I need to provide in order to register for an e-Toll account?

• A South African ID number or Passport number • Your physical and postal address • Your contact details • Your account payment details (your banking details etc) • The licence plate number of the car you would like to register • The make and model of the car

If you already have an e-Tag, in order to register the tag to the vehicle you will need the following information on hand:

• The e-tag barcode number, which is found on the side of the e-tag • Your customer account ID number

What if I don’t pay for using the e-Toll highways?

Sanral note that once the e-Tolls are launched on April 30th, use of these highways without payment is a criminal offence. They also note that there will be 24-hour e-Toll mobile policing vehicles that will be stationed along the highways to apprehend non-paying motorists.

Additional penalties:

If the balance of the motorists e-tag account is not paid within 7 days from use of the particular road, their details will then be handed over to the Violations Processing Centre. At this point the particular motorist will lose all discounts, their tariffs will increase and further prosecution may be undertaken.