2012 Range Rover Sport Revealed

Range Rover Sport 2012

The latest 2012 Range Rover Sport will see a host of changes and improvements. In brief, the design style of the interior and exterior has been updated, new entertainment options are now available and there is an 825W audio system, as well as a few other features.

Big changes for 2012 Range Rover Sport

The infotainment system has seen quite a big overhaul. The vehicle now comes with a MOST Gen 2.1 electrical architecture to the Hi-ICE and Premium audio infotainment systems. There is connectivity support for DVD audio formats, a Hard Disc Drive Music server, dual tuner, iPod and video streaming via USB as well as audio streaming via Bluetooth. More impressively though, there is now also the option of a dual-view 7-inch touch screen. This allows the driver to view the navigation system while the rest of the vehicle can watch a DVD.

Engine Power

The engine in the new 2012 Range Rover Sport is a 5.0 LR V8 petrol, with the supercharged version producing 375 kW and 625 Nm of torque. The transmission is an ultra-refined ZF HP28 6-speed automatic, and provides class-leading response and rapid refined shifts. For off-road driving, it comes with Hill Start Assist as well as Gradient Acceleration Control which will assist the driver when on steep gradients and slows the vehicle to a limit (set by the throttle position) allowing the driver to gain proper control.

Lastly the CO2 emissions and fuel economy have been further addressed via the e_Terrain Technologies. To achieve this there is a high pressure spray-guided direction injection system as well as engines which have all been optimized for low-end torque and economy. Additional improvements come from the idle speed, which has been reduced to a low 710 rpm at standstill. Lastly there have been some aerodynamic improvements to the vehicle, with a lower chin spoiler and front wheel deflectors which have resulted in less drag.