Most popular new car brands in South Africa for April 2013

Toyota Brand

According to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa, a total of 50 920 new vehicles were sold in April 2013, representing a substantial increase when compared to April 2012 which was affected by the Easter holidays. Here is a breakdown of the best selling new car brands for April, as well as each brand’s top 5 selling vehicles.

Car BrandVolumeMarket Share
Toyota9 89619.4%
Volkswagen9 34218.3%
GMSA5 11010%

South Africa’s Top 3 selling new car brands

1. Toyota – 9 896 units

Toyota still maintains the title for South Africa’s best-selling car brand for April with a total market share of 19.4%. The brand sold well in both the passenger vehicle segment (4770 units) and in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment (4833 units). The best selling vehicles in the Toyota division include the Hilux bakkie which sold 3221 units, while the Toyota Etios proved to be popular in the passenger car segment with 1581 units sold.

Toyota top 5 selling new cars

ModelApril Sales (compared to March 2013)
Toyota Hilux3 221 (3 637)
Toyota Etios1 581 (1 736)
Toyota Quantum 1 354 (1 142)
Toyota Corolla/Auris897 (1 224)
Toyota Fortuner852 (993)

2. Volkswagen – 9 342 units

Volkswagen strengthened its leadership in the South African car passenger market in April 2013 and claims second place in the new vehicle sales rankings selling a total of 9342 units. The Polo Vivo and the Polo were the best selling vehicles for the Brand in April and remain popular choices among new car buyers.

Volkswagen top 5 selling new cars

ModelApril Sales (Compared to March 2013)
VW Polo Vivo2 762 (2 939)
VW Polo2 160 (2 596)
VW Amarok589 (510)
VW Golf 7551 (405)
VW Tiguan538 (324)

3. GMSA – 5 110 units

GM South Africa accounted for 5110 of the total car sales with a market share of 10%. Within the GMSA range the Spark continued to attract buyers in the small car sector selling 433 units, remaining as one of the most popular vehicles in its class. The Chevrolet Utility dominated the Light Commercial segment with 1628 units while the recently launched Isuzu KB accounted for sales of 1047 units.

GMSA top 5 selling new cars

ModelApril Sales (Compared to March 2013)
Chevrolet Utility1 628 (1 465)
Isuzu KB1 047 (897)
Chevrolet Spark474 (416)
Chevrolet Cruze429 (382)
Chevrolet Aveo325 (322)