Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept looks to the future

Vw Cross Coupe Concept

The Volkswagen Cross Coupe concept hints at the future of VW's lineup. The compact hybrid crossover SUV debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show and VW note how the vehicle mixes style, performance and efficiency.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept with hybrid technology

The Volkswagen Cross Coupe concept is based on VW’s new modular transverse matrix and marks the first time that a vehicle has been shown on this platform. It is powered by 2 electric motors and a direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine and is able to travel up to 40km on just electric power.

The design of the Volkswagen Cross Coupe concept was aimed at being ‘forward thinking’, with a long hood, new front aesthetic, a set-back passenger compartment and low window line for a SUV. Most prominent in the design is a striking shoulder-line, which gives the vehicle a sports car silhouette and a powerful stance. The front and rear lights of the vehicle are radically different when compared to previous VW models, with the front twin bi-xenon headlamps merging with the radiator grille’s chrome-plated fins. At the rear the lights look very similar to another car German brand.

Powering the Volkswagen Cross Coupe concept is a TSI petrol engine that produces 148hp and 110 kW along with an electric motor that produces 54 hp (40 kW). Together, or individually these 2 motors power the front axle but while the vehicle is used in all-wheel-drive or pure electric mode, an additional electric motor powers the rear wheels. This 2nd electric motor generates up to 114hp (85 kW), bringing the overall output of all engines to a maximum of 262 hp (195 kW).