5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

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Fuel prices always seem to be on the rise and if you own a car, you will feel the pinch. However, as a motorist, there are many ways to save money in the long run. To help you on your way to burning less juice, here are 5 simple ways to start improving your fuel efficiency today.

Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency

1. Change Your Driving Style

You might want to consider changing your driving style to improve your fuel efficiency. Taking it easy and driving slower will use less fuel. Quick acceleration and hard braking uses more fuel so rather aim to accelerate and brake slowly and smoothly. Changing gears at the right time without putting strain on your engine will also help reduce fuel consumption. Avoid revving the engine unnecessarily and don't leave your car idling for extended periods of time. You could also consider buying a more fuel efficient car.

2. Adapt to Traffic Situations

You can improve your fuel efficiency by adjusting your driving according to what is happening on the road. For example, if you are approaching a red robot or stop sign, there is no point in speeding up to it. Rather reduce speed and approach slowly until you have to come to a stop and then proceed slowly and smoothly. Use downhills to your advantage by coasting and drive conservatively on the uphills.

3. Lose Weight

A car loaded with unnecessary weight will use more fuel so rather remove these items from your vehicle. If you have to transport goods, driving slower will reduce your consumption. Also, if you have bicycle racks or roof racks, take them off if you not using them as they increase weight and drag which increases fuel consumption.

4. Plan Trips

Effectively planning and combining trips will drastically improve your fuel efficiency. A single trip is more economical than several separate trips so rather try combine your daily trips. Plan your route properly by avoiding busy, congested roads or roads with lots of traffic lights. If you can, rather use the highway.

5. Maintain Your Car

Car maintenance is important and a well maintained car will use less fuel over time. Make sure that your car is regularly serviced and change your oil and air filters with each service. Also make sure that you are using the correct fuel and grade oil for your car. Poorly inflated tyres contribute significantly to higher fuel consumption so check your tyre pressure often and make sure your tyres are correctly inflated at all times. It may sound like a small thing, but research has shown that clean cars are more aerodynamic and use less fuel, so be sure to give your car a regular wash.

If you use these tips on a regular basis you will save a bit of money over time. Do you have any fuel efficiency tips of your own? Share them with us in the comment section below.