2015 Polo GTI vs Golf GTI – Which Should You Buy?

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The new Volkswagen Polo GTI is pretty good, but is it R320 000 good? Worth it, or is a preowned Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI better?

When the latest Volkswagen Polo GTI arrived at the office, I have to confess to liking it. Quite a lot actually. It has the essential hot hatch elements: large wheels, sporty bumpers and skirting, an unnecessary engine with unnecessary power.

And with the manual gearbox, the Polo GTI is even more fiery; with 70 more Nm over the DSG version. With it’s vital stats now standing at 141kW and 320Nm, this was all shaping up very nicely.

Out on Cape Town’s backroads, the new little GTI didn’t disappoint. It’s one of the sharpest drives you can get in a car with a VW on the front. It’s the kind of car which seems to enjoy being pushed, and in a refreshing way, it feels light on its feet. It’s all very…un-Volkswagen.

Until you look at the price. With a starting price of R313 000, the new Polo GTI is cheaper in manual guise, but still, we’re north of R300 000 here. For a Polo. And to make matters worse, our test unit was specced to R352 000. For a Polo.

And that got me thinking. How much could I pick up a good, used, Golf 6 GTI for these days? I began trawling through Cars.co.za’s vast database and I came up with some gems:

2013 Golf 6 GTI DSG Edition 35 (173kW special edition) 36 000km R329 989 https://www.cars.co.za/for-sale/used/2013-Volkswagen-Golf-Vi-Gti-2.o-Tsi-Dsg-Ed35-Gauteng-Edenvale/1167222/#.Ve_XZRGqqko

2013 Golf 6 GTI 2.0 DSG 45 500km R315 000 https://www.cars.co.za/for-sale/used/2013-Volkswagen-Golf-Vi-Gti-2.0-Tsi-Dsg-Mpumalanga-Lydenburg/1175661/#.Ve_XTBGqqko

There are literally hundreds more to choose from, to suit just about every budget. In this video, we set out to answer what seems to be quite an interesting question: If you have about R330 000 burning a hole in your pocket, which you should you buy? The 2015 Polo GTI, or a used Golf 6 GTI?

Specs: 2015 Polo GTI Manual vs Golf 6 GTI DSG

  2015 Polo GTI Manual VW Golf 6 GTI DSG
Price From R313 000 See Cars.co.za
Engine 1.8 litre 4-cyl turbo petrol 2.0 litre 4-cyl turbo petrol
Power 141kW 155kW
Torque 320Nm 280Nm
0 – 100km 6.7 seconds 6.9 seconds
Top Speed 236kph 238kph
Fuel consumption 6.0 litres/100km 7.3 litres/100km
Boot space 280 litres 312 litres

2015 Polo GTI vs Golf GTI Video