2015 Lexus ES 250 In-Depth Video Review


The Lexus ES has always been a nondescript BMW 5-Series rival. Whilst it has always been particularly well-built and smooth to drive, there has never been anything that gave it wow factor. In order to try and make it more attractive Lexus South Africa has refined the features in order to bring the price to a more enticing figure.

The ES 250 uses a naturally aspirated 2.5-Litre four-cylinder engine. In true Lexus style, it pulls smoothly and wafts its way along to a modest 9.8 second 0-100kph time. Sprinting is not what this sort of Lexus is about however, the ES 250 is about comfortable cruising and silent operation. The ES 250 is unbelievably quiet inside and even the road noise is rejected from entering the cabin. In total there’s 135 kW and 213 Nm of torque available.

The interior of this facelifted Lexus ES has had a slight rejig. In particular, a new, sporty steering wheel has been installed and a rotary knob replaces the ‘haptic mouse’ system for the infotainment system. Navigation has been removed from the system and this has resulted in the facelifted ES being slightly cheaper than before. The space around the cabin, both in the back and the front is impressive. There seems to be loads of space and legroom available and Lexus has even made allowance for a large boot as well. It’s just a pity the rear seats don’t fold down for that added bit of practicality that could add to its arsenal.

As with all Lexus vehicles, there is no options list. Everything that Lexus offers on the ES it crams into it. That initially makes it seem expensive but once you get down to like for like comparisons, pricing favours the Lexus.

  Lexus ES 250 EX
Price R464 200
Engine 2.5-Litre Four-cylinder
Power 135 kW
Torque 235 Nm
0-100kph 9.8 Seconds
Fuel Economy 8.0L/100km
Boot Space 490 Litres