10 Cool Things: Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible


Bentley will unveil the pinnacle of its Continental GT range at the upcoming Geneva Show. Suffice to say the exquisite Continental GT Mulliner Convertible – designed and built by the oldest coachbuilder in the world – will serenely glide into the limelight... with its top down, of course.

1. All about the diamonds

For this bespoke model, Bentley Mulliner has introduced a new "Double Diamond" grille, which is complemented by branded side vents that continue the characteristic silver-on-black diamond theme. The grille’s bold design was inspired by Bentley’s exclusive Diamond-in-Diamond interior quilting concept, which adorns all 4 seats, the door casings, rear quarters and, for the first time, tonneau cover.

The daimond detailing extends to the opulent convertible's meshed side vents and even the folding roof's tonneau cover.

2. Order it in any colour you want

The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible is available with a choice of 61 exterior paint finishes, but if a customer still can’t find the exact colour they want, Bentley’s artisan paint specialists can fashion a bespoke colour (matched to any item or sample) for them.

No matter in which position the Bentley's wheels are when the car stops, the Bs in the wheel-centres will always be upright.

3. Self-levelling badges

Bentley Mulliner’s newcomer rides on all-new 22-inch, 10-spoke painted and polished wheels equipped with self-levelling wheel badges that remain upright as the wheels rotate.

4. Eight bespoke tri-colour interior combos

The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible is available with a choice of 8 custom-made tri-colour interior schemes. A Mulliner-designed palette defines the 8 combinations, of which the 3rd of the 3 colours accents the interior by way of a distinctive design line (red, in the case of the car pictured here). What’s more, the hand-stitched leather is embroidered with Mulliner branding in the headrests.

It took 18 months to finalise a stitching process for the leather trim that would befit a car of the Mulliner Convertible's exclusivity.

5. 400 000 stitches

The Diamond-in-Diamond interior quilting features contrast stitching in 2 complementary colours to accentuate the thread against the quilting. According to Bentley, it takes almost 400 000 stitches to deliver this quilting across the cabin of the car, with each diamond containing exactly 712 individual stitches – each one precisely aligned to point to the centre of the diamond it creates.

6. Hand-crafted detailing; time by Breitling

But wait, there are even more "diamonds": the centre console features a contrasting diamond-milled technical finish, topped off by a new and exclusive brushed-silver Breitling timepiece set within a quartet of chrome bullseyes. Oh, would you look at the time?

Note the sumptuous contrast diamond-pattern detailing in the metallic finish of the newcomer's centre console...

7. Evocative interior lighting

The new Continental GT Mulliner Convertible features 7 distinct LED mood lighting themes, complemented by illuminated Mulliner tread plates and, of course, welcome lamps that project the famous Bentley wings to the ground from the door mirrors.

8. A 2 200-Watt, 20-channel Naim audio system

The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible is available with the top-of-the-range "Naim for Bentley" audio system. The setup comprises no fewer than 18 speakers and two Active Bass transducers driven by a 2 200-watt, 20-channel amplifier and 8 DSP sound modes (with Active Bass).

Illuminated Mulliner tread plates are complemented by LED welcome lamps that project the famous Bentley wings on the ground.

9. The 'unboxing'

When customers of Bentley Mulliner's latest creation take delivery of their vehicles, they will receive a leather key in a sumptuous, Mulliner-branded handcrafted presentation box that, wait for it... matches the 3-colour interior configuration of the convertible. The pair of keys is provided in similarly colour-matched cases with contrast stitching.

10. Capable of 333 kph

The Continental GT Mulliner Convertible will be available with either a 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8-, or a 6.0-litre, twin-turbocharged W12 powerplant. Those who opt for the former will be able to waft from 0-100 kph in 4.1 seconds and achieve a 318-kph top speed, Bentley claims. In the case of the latter, the stated 0-100-kph time is 3.8 seconds and the top speed 15 kph higher (333 kph).

New Bentley Specs & Prices in South Africa

Bentley Mulliner describes itself as the Crewe-based manufacturer's "personal commissioning division".

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