735 kW Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Coming Soon

Mercedes Amg Hypercar Teaser Mercedes-AMG’s much-anticipated hypercar will bring F1 technology to the road and it's expected to make its debut later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017. You’ll want to save the date for this ‘One’! Mercedes-Benz is planning on showing its la [...]

Nissan GT-R (2016) First Drive

Gtr1 Can the iconic Nissan GT-R, which was unveiled in 2007 and arrived in South Africa 2 years later, still be considered a benchmark sportscar, considering the performance capabilities of much-newer rivals? Have a series of updates, including one during 2016, allowed the R35-generation car to ma [...]

Not all parking bays are created equal

Parking2 Cars have got a lot bigger over the years, yet parking bays have stayed the same (at best) and, in some cases, they've shrunk. Therefore, if you are considering renting a space for your vehicle, make sure the "parking bay" is adequately sized and practically positioned. Just cons [...]

SA Ratings Downgrade: What It Would Mean for the Motor Industry

CarWarehouse The dreaded credit rating downgrades of South Africa by the influential ratings agencies may, or may not, happen... but suffice to say the motor industry will adapt and prevail. Whereas economic factors preclude a recovery in the new vehicle market in the short term, used car sales are exp [...]

Aston Martin DB11 (2016) First Drive

IMG 9023 Aston Martin's eagerly awaited new grand tourer, the DB11, has arrived in South Africa and was offered an exclusive opportunity to sample the newcomer first... Can a road machine with such evocative styling deliver a driving experience that will match its head-turning kerb appe [...]

Top speed run: Chasing 300 kph in Jaguar F-Type SVR [Video]

Jaguarsvr Can Ciro de Siena achieve his dream of driving at 300 kph? Jaguar availed us its fastest production car to date, the F-Type SVR and Ciro unleashed the rapid Jag at the Mafikeng SpeedWeek 2016. What kind of mental fortitude does it require to achieve that heady velocity at the wheel of a road ca [...]

Stunning Classic Bimmers at BMW 100 Festival [Video]

BMW100vid This year, BMW is celebrating 100 years of building cars, and to mark the occasion, the company virtually took over its hometown of Munich, Germany, to set up a sprawling festival which was completely open to the public. The anchor point of the festival was the BMW Welt, a stunning bu [...]

Part 2: Audi R8 vs McLaren 570S Track Race

IMG 8575 In Part 2 of our supercar showdown, we put the Audi R8 and the McLaren 570S through the toughest test yet: a standing start hotlap of Killarney Racetrack. With more power and all wheel drive, on paper, the Audi looks like it has this showdown wrapped up. But the McLaren, feeling a bit like [...]

Part 1: Audi R8 vs McLaren 570S with Drag Race

IMG 8622 In Part 1 of our Audi R8 V10 Plus vs McLaren 570S head to head, we take a detailed look at the cars, get to grips with each car's unique character and then finally, line them up for a good ol' fashioned quarter-mile drag race. Don't miss Part 2 for the final decider, a tra [...]

Audi R8 V10 Plus (2016) Review

IMG 8509 The Audi R8, which showed the world that Porsche isn't the only German marque that's brave enough to build a supercar – and that lofty performance potential does not need to be synonymous with driver discomfort, is back. Quattro GmbH has dispensed with the V8 and fitted a more p [...]