Top speed run: Chasing 300 kph in Jaguar F-Type SVR [Video]


Can Ciro de Siena achieve his dream of driving at 300 kph? Jaguar availed us its fastest production car to date, the F-Type SVR and Ciro unleashed the rapid Jag at the Mafikeng SpeedWeek 2016.

What kind of mental fortitude does it require to achieve that heady velocity at the wheel of a road car? To find out, follow Ciro's adrenaline-fuelled quest with the rare and desirable F-Type SVR.

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Ciro De Siena

Ciro started his first car website at the age of 19 and promptly dented his first ever test car. Surprisingly he’s still at this motoring journalism thing 7 years later. Ciro is a contributor to’s content portal. Catch him present OverdriveTV on SABC3’s Expresso Show every Friday morning.