Update: Mercedes-Benz S-Class Facelift Headed for Shanghai


The facelifted Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be shown at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show on 17 April 2017.

The tech-laden Mercedes-Benz S-Class has received a facelift and it’s expected to be fully revealed at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show on 17 April 2017. The flagship S-Class will rival products such as the BMW 7 Series and new Audi A8, which is expected to be shown in the next few months.

Much of the safety and assistance systems introduced on the new E-Class will be carried over into the facelifted S-Class, but will be expanded to include new functionality. The S-Class is also expected to receive minor exterior design updates which may include revised bumpers headlights and taillights. Some changes to the interior are also likely.

You can expect even higher levels of interior comfort inside the facelifted Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

More importantly, Mercedes-Benz will introduce a newly developed inline-six M 256 petrol engine with a 48 V electrical system, electric auxiliary compressor and an integrated starter-alternator. This unit will provide similar performance to a V8 engine but will be more fuel efficient. This new engine will offer in the region of 300 kW and 500 Nm of torque.

The firm will also introduce the “most powerful passenger-car diesel engine in the history of Mercedes-Benz”. This new inline-six OM 656 turbodiesel engine features two-stage exhaust turbocharging and variable valve timing with a power output of about 230 kW.

A new 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine with at least 350 kW and 700 Nm of torque is also expected in the facelifted S-Class and it is said to be 10 percent more efficient than the engine it replaces thanks to cylinder deactivation. A plug-in hybrid is also planned with an electrical range of about 50 km. 

High-Tech Safety and Autonomous Features

The facelifted S-class will also feature a wide range of safety and autonomous features including Distronic Active Proximity Control and Steer Assist with speed now automatically adjusted ahead of curves or junctions. The S-Class will also feature Multibeam LED headlights and Ultra Range High Beam for enhanced lighting during night time. 

"The development of the new S-Class was extremely extensive. With a whole series of new features and functions the S-Class remains the technological pioneer", says Ola Källenius, responsible on the Board of Daimler AG for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development.

The Active Lane Change Assistant has been improved along with Active Emergency Stop Assist. The camera and radar systems have also been enhanced to provide a better view and for the first time, makes use of map and navigation data to calculate driving behaviour. 

The facelifted S-Class will feature new and improved safety and autonomous features to making driving easier and safer. 

An "Assistance Graphics" menu shown in the instrument panel will indicate what assistance functions are active and what they are responding to. A Heads-Up Display will also provide useful information in the driver's line of sight and all functions can now be controlled via the steering wheel controls. 

A new Driving Assistance Package will offer functions such as Distronic Active Proximity Assist, Active Steer Assist, Active Lane Change Assist, Active Emergency Stop Assist, follow vehicles in tailback function and traffic sign assist. 

The S-Class will also feature Remote Parking Assist, allowing the driver to park the vehicle using a smartphone. The vehicle can be manoeuvred into parallel and end-on parking spaces and can be moved forwards and backwards. An Explore Mode will allow forward and backwards movement up to 15 metres while avoiding obstacles with small steering corrections. 

More details will be revealed soon and we will keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available.

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