Mitsubishi Triton (2017) Video Review

TritonReview While Mitsubishi's rivals (Toyota and Ford) launched their latest-generation double-cab bakkies in South Africa early 2016, consumers have had to wait until relatively recently to get their hands on the new Triton. Was it worth waiting for and where does the newcomer slot into the mark [...]

Subaru Forester 2.0 XT (2017) Video Review

ForesterVid2 We review the top-of-the-range Forester 2.0 XT, the only turbocharged member of the Subaru family car/compact SUV range, with the help of a surfboard and Luna the Border Bollie. We're fond of the Forester, but over the years the price of this super-practical, super-capable SUV has crept up to [...]

Volkswagen Up! Versus Facelifted Up!: Spot the difference [Video]

UPvsUP There's a new Volkswagen Up! (the exclamation mark is important) in town and while it might not be an entirely new generation of VW’s popular city car, the facelift is quite extensive. We thought the best way to show you these changes would be to line up(!) an original Up! and the lates [...]

Volvo V40 T4 Cross Country In-depth Review

Volvo123 Usually, we only get to spend about a week with a test car. However, over the December holidays, Volvo asked if we'd like to spend a month with their V40 T4 Cross Country. This gave us a unique opportunity to really get to know the car, inside and out. In this review, we cover boot/load sp [...]

Extended Test: Citroen C4 Cactus [with Video]

DSC 2010 When Peugeot Citroen South Africa announced that it would no longer import Citroen products late last year, the quirky French brand's small but loyal customer base was disappointed, but there were sound business reasons for the decision. Does that mean that buying a product such as the C4 [...]

Volvo S90 (2017) First Drive [Video]

20055 Volvo's flagship sedan, the S90, is now available in South Africa. The Swedish luxury marque has made its intentions to challenge the established players in this space, particularly the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series, abundantly clear. Here's the video we made when we flew to Spain [...]

SentiMETAL Ep 1: A 400 000-mile Jaguar E-Type love affair [Video]

SentiMETAL What is it that makes cars more than just machines? Why are they idolised, revered... and even loved? There is no easy answer – certainly not one that is universally applicable. With SentiMETAL, our new video series, we allow passionate owners to be the authors of their own au [...]

Mercedes-AMG GT R Track Drive & Road Review [Video]

20R Mercedes-AMG recently unleashed its AMG GT R on track in Portugal and we got a chance to whip the bewinged, track-primed AMG around the Portimao circuit, followed by a stint on the road, to see what it delivers. What happens when you strip down a Mercedes-AMG GTS, add more downforce and [...]

Our 7 Most Memorable Drives of 2016 - Video

570Sr8 It was an interesting year at - we drove some exciting cars and some... not so exciting ones. So we asked Ciro De Siena to trawl through his memory banks and pick his most memorable drives of the year, and this is the list he's come up with. We've created a highlights reel fo [...]

5 Exciting Cars coming to SA in 2017 [Video]

5carscool With myriad new products scheduled to arrive in local showrooms in 2017, it promises to be an exciting year for South African motorists. We've picked 5 that we're particularly excited about: the new BMW 5 Series, the Toyota C-HR, Land Rover Discovery, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Nissan Navara. [...]