Video Review

Mercedes-AMG GT R Track Drive & Road Review [Video]

20R Mercedes-AMG recently unleashed its AMG GT R on track in Portugal and we got a chance to whip the bewinged, track-primed AMG around the Portimao circuit, followed by a stint on the road, to see what it delivers. What happens when you strip down a Mercedes-AMG GTS, add more downforce and [...]

Our 7 Most Memorable Drives of 2016 - Video

570Sr8 It was an interesting year at - we drove some exciting cars and some... not so exciting ones. So we asked Ciro De Siena to trawl through his memory banks and pick his most memorable drives of the year, and this is the list he's come up with. We've created a highlights reel fo [...]

5 Exciting Cars coming to SA in 2017 [Video]

5carscool With myriad new products scheduled to arrive in local showrooms in 2017, it promises to be an exciting year for South African motorists. We've picked 5 that we're particularly excited about: the new BMW 5 Series, the Toyota C-HR, Land Rover Discovery, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Nissan Navara. [...]

Lexus LC500 (2017) Track Drive [Video]

LC500 We travel to Spain to test the evocatively styled LC500 on road and track. Does the eye-catching V8-engined newcomer offer enough performance and driver involvement to be considered a fully-fledged sportscar? Let's find out...   Lexus is not renowned for produc [...]

Renault Kwid (2016) Video Review

Kwid Renault’s budget-busting Kwid has arrived in South Africa and we put the newcomer to the test to find out if it’s worthy of your attention. Are the Kwid’s strengths enough to warrant a purchase or should you consider pre-owned options? We take a closer look… So, is i [...]

Volvo S60 Polestar (2016) Video Review

S60polestarvid The new performance version of the Volvo S60 is now available in South Africa. We quite enjoyed the first-generation Polestar, which featured a turbocharged 3.0-litre straight 6 motor. Now, however, Volvo has ditched the larger engine for a 2.0-litre super- and turbocharged powerplant. So, [...]

Aston Martin DB11 (2016) Video Review

DB11vid The DB11 has finally arrived and we've secured an exclusive first drive in South Africa. Aston Martin has become synonymous with the glamorous world of Hollywood through its long-time association with the James Bond movie franchise, but how does the Gaydon-based marque's latest model fare [...]

Ford Focus RS (2016) Video Review

20RS We prowled the deserted streets of Cape Town's industrial areas for a night in our jet black Focus RS, and found that when it comes to hot hatches, it's about more than just power. The Focus RS has an engine and that engine produces 257 kW, or 350hp. That kind of power in a hot hatch is [...]

Ford Ranger 2.2 XLS 4x4 Automatic (2016) Video Review

DCranger22 The introduction of 2.2-litre TDCi double-cab automatic Ranger derivatives has created a stir in the bakkie market, because the XLS 4x4 appeals strongly to family vehicle buyers who want a vehicle with off-road ability, the convenience of a self-shifting transmission, but can't afford one of t [...]

Top speed run: Chasing 300 kph in Jaguar F-Type SVR [Video]

Jaguarsvr Can Ciro de Siena achieve his dream of driving at 300 kph? Jaguar availed us its fastest production car to date, the F-Type SVR and Ciro unleashed the rapid Jag at the Mafikeng SpeedWeek 2016. What kind of mental fortitude does it require to achieve that heady velocity at the wheel of a road ca [...]