Vehicle Sales: Stormy 2016 bodes well for sunny 2017

CarWarehouse Increased consumer confidence and a period of political stability, allied with a gradual strengthening of the rand, should see the vehicle retail market improve in 2017, but the news won't be good for everyone... Expect more OEMs to bite the dust and the rising cost of crude oil to impact o [...]

New Car Sales Summary for 2016

DSC 3689 The new car market showed a significant decline in 2016 amid tough economic conditions in South Africa and the outlook for 2017 is much the same, with slight improvements expected in the second half of the year. Take a look at this vehicle sales summary for all the details… A [...]

Fuel Price Increase for January 2017

Petrol Fuel prices are going up on Wednesday 4 January 2017. Take a look at what you will be paying for fuel this month… South African motorists are in for a bumpy ride in 2017 and to kick off the New Year, fuel prices are going up this week.  The Department of Energy has released fuel p [...]

Fuel Price Cut Likely in December 2016

Petrol2 Based on unaudited mid-month data, the Automobile Association (AA) says that fuel prices in South Africa are likely to decrease in December 2016. Motorists in South Africa can expect some relief at the fuel pumps come December 2016 as a result of lower international oil prices and a stronger [...]

New Car Sales in South Africa – October 2016

FordRanger Take a look at how the new vehicle market performed in South Africa during the month of October 2016. The state of the new vehicle market in South Africa is under considerable strain and October was another woeful month with major declines seen across all vehicle segments. Despite these decli [...]

Fuel Prices Expected to Increase in November 2016

Petrol   Motorists can expect a hike in fuel prices at the end of October 2016. The Automobile Association (AA) has stated that fuel prices in South Africa are likely to increase at the end of October, citing unaudited mid-month data released by the Central Energy Fund (CEF). "There has [...]

Fuel Price Cut for August 2016

Petrol2 Motorists in South Africa will experience some relief in August 2016 as the price of fuel is set to decrease substantially. Fuel prices have been soaring in recent months due to the weakening Rand/dollar exchange rate as well as the rising price of oil and motorists across the country have been [...]

How to Protect Your Credit Profile

Money   According to the household debt figures from the National Credit Regulator, many consumers are living beyond their means because they are, intera alia, buying non-essential goods on credit and purchasing vehicles that stretch them beyond their budgets. The result is that these debt-burdene [...]

Guaranteed Future Value - Get a New Car Every 3 Years

Shutterstock 293715071 Buying a car on guaranteed future value/guaranteed buy back has been possible for a few years now. There are, however, a few things that can catch you out if you don’t read the fine print. Guaranteed future value (GFV), also known as guaranteed buy back, is one of the most cost-effective wa [...]

Refinancing your car loan

What is car re-financingLoans are not always negotiated on the best terms. Car re-financing enables you to pay off your current car loan with a new renegotiated loan. Your current car loan and title are transferred to a new lender and you will make your monthly car loan payments to this new lender.A [...]