Vehicle Sales: Stormy 2016 bodes well for sunny 2017

CarWarehouse Increased consumer confidence and a period of political stability, allied with a gradual strengthening of the rand, should see the vehicle retail market improve in 2017, but the news won't be good for everyone... Expect more OEMs to bite the dust and the rising cost of crude oil to impact o [...]

How to: Choose a Suitable Off-roader

IMG 6806 Choosing the best off-road vehicle for your needs is not easy. However, if you are realistic about the regularity and severity of the off-road activities you are likely to pursue, it's a much simpler task to choose the right recreational vehicle — one that will suit your budget.   [...]

5 Most Memorable Drives of 2016

IMG 8622 In creating a series of memorable track and review videos in conjunction with's video editor and production team in 2016, Ciro de Siena got to grips with a melange of exotic automotive machinery. In this list, he nominates just 5 of a host of memorable driving experiences...   [...]

5 Most Memorable Drives of 2016

IMG 8354 2016 has been a bumper year and we've been treated to many car launches over the past 365 days. Here are David Taylor's five memorable sets of wheels of 2016. Being a photographer as well as a writer for means I get to drive virtually every vehicle availed to the [...]

5 Most Memorable Drives of 2016

DSC 4804 There is a multitude of accomplished products on our market, but some vehicles make more of a lasting impression than others. We've driven quite a few cars in 2016, but these 5 memorable drives shone the brightest. Hell, hey! It’s been a busy year. I won’t even bother to count [...]

5 Most Memorable Drives of 2016

M2c With over 100 cars driven in 2016, choosing 5 of the best is a tough task. These are Ashley Oldfield's most memorable drives of 2016. As the resident ‘go-to-guy’ for performance machinery in the office, my top drives are probably going to revolve around cars that go fast. It may [...]

Not all parking bays are created equal

Parking2 Cars have got a lot bigger over the years, yet parking bays have stayed the same (at best) and, in some cases, they've shrunk. Therefore, if you are considering renting a space for your vehicle, make sure the "parking bay" is adequately sized and practically positioned. Just cons [...]

SA Ratings Downgrade: What It Would Mean for the Motor Industry

CarWarehouse The dreaded credit rating downgrades of South Africa by the influential ratings agencies may, or may not, happen... but suffice to say the motor industry will adapt and prevail. Whereas economic factors preclude a recovery in the new vehicle market in the short term, used car sales are exp [...]

The Renault Kwid: A Game-Changing Budget Car?

RenaultKwid6 If there’s one budget car that has the potential to shake up and lead its segment in South Africa, Renault’s Kwid might be it, but will it succeed and can other car manufacturers learn something from the newcomer? Renault is well-versed in the budget car game. Just look to the Sande [...]

Self-Driving Cars: BMW Puts the Record Straight

Bmwself Autonomous driving is the hot topic in the automotive world at present, but rampant misreporting on the subject has not only created unrealistic expectations, it has also made driving enthusiasts feel threatened. BMW, however, has some good news... The recent Paris Motor Show was the first inte [...]