New Car Sales Summary for 2016

DSC 3689 The new car market showed a significant decline in 2016 amid tough economic conditions in South Africa and the outlook for 2017 is much the same, with slight improvements expected in the second half of the year. Take a look at this vehicle sales summary for all the details… A [...]

How to: Choose a Suitable Off-roader

IMG 6806 Choosing the best off-road vehicle for your needs is not easy. However, if you are realistic about the regularity and severity of the off-road activities you are likely to pursue, it's a much simpler task to choose the right recreational vehicle — one that will suit your budget.   [...]

7 New Double Cabs to Look Out For

Newtriton3   We take a look at 7 bakkies that are bound to shake up the market when, or if, they arrive in the near future! If there’s one segment that continues to thrive amid declining new vehicle sales in South Africa, it’s the bakkie market. Despite tough economic conditions, ba [...]

Fuel Price Increase for January 2017

Petrol Fuel prices are going up on Wednesday 4 January 2017. Take a look at what you will be paying for fuel this month… South African motorists are in for a bumpy ride in 2017 and to kick off the New Year, fuel prices are going up this week.  The Department of Energy has released fuel p [...]

Top 5 Cool Facts: Next Ford Fiesta (2017)

Fiesta2017c The next-generation of the popular Ford Fiesta is expected to arrive in South Africa in late 2017 or early 2018. Here is a detailed list of what consumers can expect from the compact hatchback.  We were afforded the opportunity to attend the world unveiling of the next-generation Fies [...]

Fuel Price Cut Likely in December 2016

Petrol2 Based on unaudited mid-month data, the Automobile Association (AA) says that fuel prices in South Africa are likely to decrease in December 2016. Motorists in South Africa can expect some relief at the fuel pumps come December 2016 as a result of lower international oil prices and a stronger [...]

BMW M4 GTS: What's Cool About the Ultimate Performance BMW

BMW M4 GTS 2016 1280 01 The BMW M4 GTS is one of those halo performance cars that doesn't come around very often. It's a special vehicle that's not just a tricked-out BMW M4. There's so much more to it and here are some cool things that separate the BMW M4 GTS from its standard sibling.  Stupendou [...]

The Renault Kwid: A Game-Changing Budget Car?

RenaultKwid6 If there’s one budget car that has the potential to shake up and lead its segment in South Africa, Renault’s Kwid might be it, but will it succeed and can other car manufacturers learn something from the newcomer? Renault is well-versed in the budget car game. Just look to the Sande [...]

2016’s New Cars – How They Fare in Terms of Sales

Hyundai Tucson We look at some of the new cars that landed in South Africa in 2016 and see if they are selling as well as predicted. It’s difficult to tell if a new car is going to be a hit with the public or not – unless it’s a Volkswagen, in which case it probably will be. What we as [...]

6 Most Affordable Sedans in SA

Gero62 Sedans may not be that popular at the moment but they still offer loads of practicality and value, especially if your budget is under 200k. Take a look at 6 of South Africa’s most affordable sedans… "Death by crossover" aptly describes the state of sedan sales in South [...]