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New Car Sales Summary for 2016

DSC 3689 The new car market showed a significant decline in 2016 amid tough economic conditions in South Africa and the outlook for 2017 is much the same, with slight improvements expected in the second half of the year. Take a look at this vehicle sales summary for all the details… A [...]

Cars Coming to SA in 2017

ToyotaCHR With a host of new models and facelifted products due for introduction in 2017, it promises to be an exciting year for the South African new vehicle market. Take a closer look at the cars coming your way this year... We have created an alphabetical (by brand) list of all the cars you can expect [...]

6 Most Affordable Sedans in SA

Gero62 Sedans may not be that popular at the moment but they still offer loads of practicality and value, especially if your budget is under 200k. Take a look at 6 of South Africa’s most affordable sedans… "Death by crossover" aptly describes the state of sedan sales in South [...]

New Car Sales in South Africa – October 2016

FordRanger Take a look at how the new vehicle market performed in South Africa during the month of October 2016. The state of the new vehicle market in South Africa is under considerable strain and October was another woeful month with major declines seen across all vehicle segments. Despite these decli [...]

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Storm in SA - Specs and Pricing

Polo Vivo Storm 002 1800x1800 The popular Volkswagen Polo Vivo has a new member in its family. Meet the eye-catching special edition Polo Vivo Storm! Since its launch back in March 2010, the locally made Volkswagen Polo Vivo has been a runaway success. The Polo Vivo has been a top-selling passenger vehicle in South Afr [...]

Car Prices 2016 vs 2015: How Much More Are You Paying?

AshNew How much more are you paying for your car in 2016 vs the same time last year? Car prices are determined by many factors such as inflation, exchange rates and manufacturing costs. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see car prices decrease, but it’s interesting to see which manufactu [...]

Volkswagen to Build Polo Vivo in Kenya

20strategy Volkswagen has announced its expansion into Africa with a new production facility in Kenya that will start production at the end of 2016. The plant in Kenya will be built just outside Nairobi and have the capability of producing 5 000 units a year. The plant is the third of its kind in Afr [...]

New Car Sales in South Africa – August 2016

DSC 3868 The new car market in South Africa continued on its downward spiral in August 2016. Despite the declining trend, sales of light commercial vehicles remained relatively stable and exports showed substantial gains. An unpredictable and volatile economic environment continue to strangle the [...]

5 Small Crossovers (new) for under R200k

Polo Vivo Maxx 001 A growing number of buyers are looking for a little bit extra from their small hatchbacks, such as a modicum of added ground clearance and eye-catching off-roader inspired kerb appeal. If you're in the market for a new car, here’s how you can get "a lift" while sticking to [...]

New Car Sales in South Africa for June 2016

DSC 3718 The trend of decreasing new car sales in South Africa continued in June 2016 with poor sales reflected across all sectors. The local car market is taking strain and the trading environment is expected to remain under pressure for the short to medium term, according to the National Automobile As [...]