New Car Sales Summary for 2016

DSC 3689 The new car market showed a significant decline in 2016 amid tough economic conditions in South Africa and the outlook for 2017 is much the same, with slight improvements expected in the second half of the year. Take a look at this vehicle sales summary for all the details… A [...]

Toyota Hilux and Fortuner Enhanced [Video]

Thf007 Toyota has announced a number of subtle changes to its Hilux SRX and Fortuner models aimed at upping their appeal to leisure-oriented buyers. With more than 30 000 units sold since its introduction in February, Toyota's venerable Hilux remains a South African darling. Its SUV sibling, the F [...]

2016’s New Cars – How They Fare in Terms of Sales

Hyundai Tucson We look at some of the new cars that landed in South Africa in 2016 and see if they are selling as well as predicted. It’s difficult to tell if a new car is going to be a hit with the public or not – unless it’s a Volkswagen, in which case it probably will be. What we as [...]

Exploring Lesotho with Toyota and Bridgestone

Lesotho6 Fitting the right specification tyres to your vehicle is crucial, especially if you want to traverse grueling off-road terrain. We tackled some of the most challenging mountain roads with Toyota Hilux and Fortuner derivatives shod with new Bridgestone Dueler 693III tyres. Here's how [...]

New Car Sales in South Africa – October 2016

FordRanger Take a look at how the new vehicle market performed in South Africa during the month of October 2016. The state of the new vehicle market in South Africa is under considerable strain and October was another woeful month with major declines seen across all vehicle segments. Despite these decli [...]

Best Leisure Double-Cab Bakkies in SA

Recap Take a look at the semi-finalists in the Leisure Double Cab Bakkie category of the Cars.co.za Consumer Awards – powered by WesBank! The second annual Cars.co.za Consumer Awards – now powered by WesBank, is underway and the semi-finalists across 13 categories have been chosen. Make sur [...]

New Car Sales in South Africa – August 2016

DSC 3868 The new car market in South Africa continued on its downward spiral in August 2016. Despite the declining trend, sales of light commercial vehicles remained relatively stable and exports showed substantial gains. An unpredictable and volatile economic environment continue to strangle the [...]

Toyota Hilux 2.8GD-6 DC 4x4 Raider Auto (2016) Review

IMG 8383 The new Toyota Hilux is a significantly more refined product than its predecessor, which demonstrates the brand's determination to be an even stronger player in the leisure double-cab segment. For comfort- and refinement-oriented shoppers, the allure of an excellent automatic derivat [...]

Petrol vs Diesel – Which is more expensive to own?

20Family Can the fuel economy gains of a diesel ever overcome the more expensive (usually) price tag associated with it? Fuel economy has never been as crucial a factor in the decision-making process of buying a new car as it is now. Manufacturers spend much of their development and resea [...]

New Car Sales in South Africa for July 2016

Toyota Hilux It has been a challenging month for the domestic new vehicle market. In a performance described as "a 7-year low", vehicle sales dropped by 17% in comparison with July 2015, while passenger car sales have plummeted by almost 21%. It has been a bad month for new vehicle sales in South [...]