John Beale

John Beale believes all cars should come in correct wheel drive (rear wheel drive), and prefers old fashioned manual gears. He’s been writing about cars for over four years, and you can read some of his past writing on his blog, Beale spent a year on SA’s only car Podcast, the ZACarShow, leading the conversation with many of South Africa's top motoring journalists. John is the Motoring Editor for Fitness He Edition Magazine, and moonlights as the head of strategy at Cerebra.


Mercedes-Benz A180 BE Review

Mercedes Benz A Class Review Mercedes-Benz has been rather late to the party when it comes to an actual competitor in the C-segment. I’m not talking about the wedge of cheese that was the first A-Class, but rather a real driving competitor in the segment that is one of the biggest cash cows for Audi and BMW. Not that the previo [...]

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 dCI 4x4 SE AT Review

Nissan Pathfinder Review1 The 4x4 SUV market in South Africa is huge and the Nissan Pathfinder is a well-known contender. With the market-leading Fortuner still carrying the “best-selling privately-owned vehicle in SA” badge and the recent addition of Chevrolet Trailblazer, this category is a lucrative one for manufacturers. [...]

The BMW X5 M50d review, specs and price

Bmw X5 M50d Reviewed During a final sendoff off, there’s usually fireworks, a multi-gun salute and possibly a speech. The folks at BMW have let the firepower for their tri-turbo X5 M50d do the talking. With over 1million X5’s sold by June 2013, it is apparent that the BMW X5 has captured the hearts of many a soccer mom, [...]

Top 6 petrol powered executive sedans under R400 000

Top 6 Main Volvo S60 An executive saloon needs to do a few things. Firstly, badge cred is a big deal; you need to show you’re part of the crew when you park down in the basement. Secondly, a quality, luxury interior is essential. Fuel consumption and value for money are probably last on your priority list, but you’ll [...]

Five Options You Need On Your Next Car

Xenon Headlamp You’ve decided on the car, you’re in the dealership and the salesman lays down the “options list” in front of you. We’re past air-conditioning, remote central locking and electric windows, some of which are still not fitted as standard, as Dave pointed out yesterday in his list of features we wish w [...]

Audi A3 Sportback 1.6TDI S-Tronic Review

Audi A3 Sportback Review You may or may not have noticed the arrival of the new Audi A3 Sportback in South Africa… Taking a slightly less stand-outish approach as BMW’s 1 series, the eye-catching Mercedes A Class or even the left-field Volvo V40. It is, however, all-new - made from the VW group’s shared MQB platform, and is [...]

Volvo V40 Cross-Country review

Volvo V40 Cross Country Volvo has significantly raised the stakes with its new V40, tackling the German trio head-on with a hatch that stands out. And to broaden the appeal of the V40, a Cross Country or ‘activity’ model has been launched ahead of the SUV XC40’s launch in 2016. What’s it about? Well, its for the driv [...]

Five Car Optional Extras To Avoid

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 Satnav Where some manufacturers make sure that everything is standard, others offer a long list of optional extras. If you’re not careful, ticking those boxes can quickly raise the price of your car by hundreds of thousands of Rands. A few weeks back I suggested the five options you need on your next car, [...]

Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee Review 6 Medium The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee might have all but saved Jeep here in South Africa, as besides the venerable Wrangler, things were looking dire. Not surprisingly, Grand Cherokee sales have been strong, between 100 and 200 units per month is great for the Chrysler group locally. It’s no wonder, seein [...]

Land Rover Freelander Si4 Review

2013 Land Rover Freelander Review 4 John Beale spent some time in the baby Land Rover with the latest 4-cyl engine. Photos and pricing included at the end of his Freelander Si4 review. The Freelander received an update towards the end of last year: a slight update to the exterior bringing eye catching new LED headlamps, a new grill [...]