John Beale

John Beale believes all cars should come in correct wheel drive (rear wheel drive), and prefers old fashioned manual gears. He’s been writing about cars for over four years, and you can read some of his past writing on his blog, Beale spent a year on SA’s only car Podcast, the ZACarShow, leading the conversation with many of South Africa's top motoring journalists. John is the Motoring Editor for Fitness He Edition Magazine, and moonlights as the head of strategy at Cerebra.


VW Amarok Review

Volkwagen Amarok 2 It’s the most comfortable bakkie yet, but small capacity engines are putting off buyers. It shouldn’t be the case though; the Amarok is capable and pretty. VW Amarok review by John Beale The Amarok in itself is not new to the roads, but VW did recently give it a slight update in the form of 12 mor [...]

Toyota Land Cruiser Review

Totota Landcruiser The Toyota Land Cruiser is the preferred choice for miners and farmers in the most desolate areas. Toyota ads a double cab while we wait for the V8 Diesel. Toyota Land Cruiser review by John Beale Finally, the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser series has received a much-needed update, as well as the a [...]

Ford Focus ST Review

Ford Focus St The Ford Focus ST has grown up matured in everyday usability. Pity about the slow 0-100 time Ford Focus ST review by John Beale Say “hello” boet, for the new Focus ST has arrived … at an interesting time. The GTI is nearing its end, Renault RS 265 is hot hatch king and Astra OPC is soon to be rele [...]

Chrysler 300C V6 Review

Chrysler 300c V6 The essential gangster rap “large sedan”, is now available with a Fiat sourced V6 diesel engine. Economy-toting rappers unite, the Chrysler 300C V6 is here. “This is Motor City. And this is what we do” Chrysler’s new marketing direction harkens to the glory and powerhouse that once was Detroit. W [...]

Nissan X-Trail dci 4x4 LE Auto Review

Nissan X Trail It can still carry your bike in the back and get you through the mud, unlike many newer rivals,Nissan X-Trail, you’re still good in my books. Nissan X-Trail dci 4x4 LE Auto review by John Beale A cross-over SUV needs to provide both the comfort, performance and handling for in-town driving, as wel [...]

Alfa Romeo Giulietta MultiAir TCT Review

Alfa Review The Alfa Romeo Giulietta could be the best looking hatch on the road today, but simply not good enough to compete with the Germans it’s priced against. Alfa Romeo Giulietta MultiAir TCT review by John Beale When bad things happen to a good car. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is probably one of the best [...]

New Toyota Auris Review

Toyota Auris The new Toyota Auris is a nice addition to the range, with a vastly improved interior, high specification levels and well balanced ride. It could do with some more power though. New Toyota Auris 1.6 XR CVT review by John Beale The new Toyota Auris is another bit of much needed life injected into t [...]

VW Beetle 1.4T Sport Review

Volkswagen Beetle 2013 Better in every respect than the last VW Beetle, but more niched than ever. Ironically. Don’t let the “Sport” fool you. VW Beetle 1.4T Sport review by John Beale Let’s be honest, the last Beetle wasn’t exactly the best work VW has done. A bit a miss in terms of pricing, target market and terrible [...]

Toyota Fortuner 2.5D Automatic Review

Toyota Fortuner Review A unique combination of 7 seats, automatic gearbox, off-road ability and ground clearance at this price make the Toyota Fortuner an appealing buy for those who don’t care for ride comfort. Toyota Fortuner 2.5D Automatic review by John Beale I bet you had no idea that the Toyota Fortuner is still t [...]

Nissan NP200 Review

Nissan Np200 2 Heaps of torque, biggest load-bed that carries the most weight, but interior makes you want to rather sit with the load at the back. Meet the Nissan NP200... Nissan NP200 bakkie review by John Beale The half-ton bakkie market in South Africa is a big earner. The Opel Corsa bakkie (now Chevrolet Ut [...]